Women vs. Men’s Communication

Men and women are different, just different in many ways especially communication. Most of the major problems between them appear because of communication and so it’s necessary to learn more about their style to communicate.

The difference begins from the brain’s structure. A woman has two centers for the speech, in front of the left hemisphere and also in the right one, while men have only some zones in the same left hemisphere. That’s why girls are speaking earlier than boys. So the consequence is the fact that women are having excellent discussion skills and are better speakers than men.

Further on we have to understand why women feel the need to talk more than men. First of all, men are gathering information and problems over the day, trying in the end to find a solution. Women instead bring theirs problems over and over in the conversation like a verbal discharging. Second, men limit themselves to the interior speaking while women make use of plenty of words. And third, men’s speech is centered on short and structured phrases which contain one idea. Women have a complex communication capacity and so they can talk about many subjects and listen in the same time.

According to these explanations, both are adopting different communication’s strategies. Men talk directly and women speak with diversion, but in women case it’s not very successful because men can’t follow more than one subject in a conversation. For women verbal communication is well thought as a reward conferred to the man and silence as a punishment.

Even we are different, we have to adjust learning more and respecting each other’s needs. The man is structured on finding the solution to every problem and woman permanently feels the need to be listened so she can move over a certain difficulty. A woman should know never to interrupt a man talking because his conversation’s goal is to find and reveal a solution. A man should carefully listen to a woman without immediately offering her a solution.

When you have a communication problem with your male/female partner never jump to conclusions like “she’s making me nuts with her talk “or “he’s such a sulky guy” without consider all these differences. The main idea is that everyone is acting according to his genetic traits and not deliberated. All you have to do to easy your existence is to be aware of other one’s needs. – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc