Who guide your life?

There may be three possible answers to this question. Your life may be guided by a Supreme Being or Force, by Others or by Yourself. Each possibility may exclude each other or may not.

A Supreme Being or Force

Most religious people say their life is guided or ruled by a Supreme Being or God. Their own responsibility in life isn’t to create a set of rules of their own but to be as receptive and sensitive to what God tell them as possible.

Once they understood what God want from them in a certain situation, all they have to do is to obey. Even so they have the freedom to choose between obeying or not.

This kind of guidance is stress free and purposeful once you don’t have to strive finding your own rules or way. Usually these rules are written in a book, as Bible for Christians.

There are non-religious people who believe in a Supreme Force not a Being who guide their life. The difference here is that they usually don’t have a book or letter with rules written by this Supreme Force. In this situation their task is to be “astral detectives” finding and interpreting signs to guide their life.


According to Aristotle we humans are “social animals”. And I want to stress here the term social not animal. We are social beings. What this means? This means that we live together in groups, communities, societies. In order to survive a society needs a set of rules to be obeyed by each individual.

When the rules are so created that work for the benefit of each individual of the society all it’s fine. But when these rules work only for the benefit of a few and not for all there are big problems. In these cases each individual have the right and responsibility to oppose these rules in a pacific way.

Another case when an individual is guided by others is the case of coaching and counseling. In this case a person appeal voluntarily to a professional to help him improve and guide his life. This way of dealing with life problems is efficient and stress free but have its cons too. It may create co-dependency and passivity, the person avoid taking his life in his hands.

Friends’ advice is another situation when we let ourselves be guided by others. But we must be aware that even if we can count on our friends’ advice, is our own responsibility for our decisions. They may suggest an advice but we decide if it’s fitted or not to implement.

At a subconscious level our life is guided and ruled by socially conditioned ideas, beliefs, values and attitudes. Be aware that only a few of them empower you!


This situation is the hardest and most open to errors of all but at the same time it rewards if you make wise choices. To be guided by yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t need God or friends. This means that with all suggestions and offers from outside, it’s your job and responsibility to build and lead your guidance.

Sometimes this job of building your own guide in life consists in gathering and putting together (like a puzzle) ideas from outside. Other times you need to create yourself rules or guiding ideas, if someone else didn’t make it until now.

In this process of building your rules and guiding your life by them you have to take into account two realities: You and Others. All you do in your life must not hurt you and others. And think not only of your benefits but others as well.

If you want to take full control of your life you must be aware of all your socially conditioned ideas, beliefs, values and attitudes that guide and rule your life daily. Analyze them and decide which ones are empowering you and which not, then don’t run anymore in your mind those that you don’t think are enriching you. Try to representational enrich those that empower you.

What do you think? Who guide your life? Is there another possibility?