Try and Measure your Patience

If you made shopping quite before Christmas Days, you probably stood in line for minutes or hours to buy presents, food, etc. While shopping on crowded days you have to choose the shortest possible line to stand in, if you want not to wait for a long time. But even so you have to wait and your patience is tried. So, shopping on crowded days is a good opportunity to try and measure your patience.

What happen in your inner world while standing in line for quite a while?! There seem to be three possibilities:

  • you don’t have patience and check all the time if other lines advance more rapidly than yours;
  • you have patience and while standing in line talk to others, relax yourself thinking at something else or organize your agenda;
  • you oscillate between first two possibilities;

If you fall in first category and check all the time other lines then you have problems with your patience. You must be aware of these problems and use such situations (as shopping on crowded days) to try and work out your patience.

If you are one of second category then your patience is just fine. But there is always the possibility to improve even more some of your traits.

If you fall in the last category then it is a sign that you try to train your patience. You are on the good track to a strong patience. It’s very important to be conscious of what happen in your inner world and also in your proximate one.

But why patience is so important?! I think that without patience our subjective wellbeing will suffer a lot. We live in a real world and there are many situations when our needs and wishes can’t be fulfilled at once. And this is a good thing because only so we may shape our patience and character.