Three Attitudes Against Originality

In a social group or work team we can identify at least one person which has a negative attitude regarding others original ideas. It seems that more and more we don’t know how or don’t want to appreciate the originality when it’s not coming from us. Not forget the fact that for every one is uncomfortable to fully accept the success of others and to be open about it.

Such a person that “disrespects” his colleague or friend inventive ideas is using three different attitudes, known as:

1. Walker complex

Every time when it is proposed a new idea in the group, there is someone which immediately informs the others about the possible dangers of this proposal’s applying. This kind of person “kills” any initiative by his voice ton, self-confidence and strong facts and judgments taken from the reality. He is spreading the doubt …”what if something wrong will come up…?”

Why this is called the “walker complex”? The main reason is the walker behavior of avoiding going out and cross the street because of the fear to be the victim of an accident. Having on his side the accident’s statistics the person can convince the other ones not to go for a walk on the street. In communication area the complex works in the same manner.

2. Policeman attitude

Some persons never propose new ideas but instead they adopt a policeman behavior supervising everything that is happening, every move and invoking all kind of rules and limits to prevent from applying the new idea. He doesn’t come with another alternative or original idea but he’s permanently judging the existent one.

This person becomes exaggerated, non-cooperative, uncompromising and extremely traditional instead of helping to apply the creative idea. From the start he is showing a permanent negative and non-confident attitude and he is acting as someone who is representing the law.

3. Exaggerated common sense reflex

Sometimes the creative person is being reserved in exposing his original ideas or he is acting on other’s suggestions. In the same time he is “forgetting” out of an “unhealthy” common sense to do as he’s feeling. He prefers not to promote and “fight” to make known his idea because of the inevitable critics.

In the presented situations it is hard to get the group consent because it will always be someone against a new idea or project from all kind of reasons as lack of creativity, envy or obsession to be the first and only person which has the full attention for his ideas. The idea that we have to keep in mind is to recognize these attitudes and not to give in to them. – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc