The Two Best Nondrug Antidepressants

Usually when we feel depressed, we think that the most efficient way to deal with it is medications. In some cases (severely depressed people), medications can be helpful and recommended. But even in this case you must be aware of the addiction risk and secondary effects. But in many cases pills aren’t the best choice. They may be a quick fix but not a long-term solution.

We can talk about a nondrug approach to our depressive periods and it can be extended beyond these moments and implemented in our daily life. This nondrug approach must take into account two dimensions of our life: body and mind.

Here are the two best nondrug antidepressants:

Exercise! When you find yourself in such a depressive period, it may be that your body experiences a chemical imbalance in the brain. The best way to correct this chemical imbalance isn’t the medications but physical activity, especially exercising. Intense physical activities such as jogging help body to balance chemical processes of the brain.

We can say that someone who exercise regularly has the best chances not to experience depression, if it is combined with a hopeful outlook.

Hope! Your mind plays a huge role in your daily mood setting. There are researchers who say that even when someone takes pills isn’t the active substance that make the difference but his expectations. This is the so called “placebo effect” If a doctor gives a placebo (a pill without active substance) to people who are suffering from depression, about 40% of them will feel better just because they believe that it will help them.

To benefit of the hope power in your daily life, first you have to identify those hopeless beliefs and thoughts that undermine your mood. Then replace them with hopeful ones.

Exercise and Hope and you’ll feel better!