The Power of Word – Part Two

Back in time, someone very close to my heart and with a great experience of life revealed me the secret of a “powerful” life. The success in life is definitely based on two ideas: first – having the right information at the right time, and second – being conscious about the word’s influence on others.

Human being of the third millennium has to be more careful with other one’s feelings and use words in good faith. Acting in good faith is a principle promoted by the international documents next to human rights and fundamental liberties.

Are you aware that your words could lift someone else’s state of spirit or break him down in a second? So word has a dual subtext as anything else in life:

Positive influence – words spoken from the heart have healing effects. A “good” word values sometimes more than hundreds of positive deeds. The most interesting part is when you see how your own words could improve almost miraculous your partner’s behavior. Psychologically speaking the positive “load” of one word is acting to the unconscious level of the mind, it fixes or ameliorate the problems detected, sending to the conscious the sign of a good sensation. It’s like getting an ok signal.

Negative influence – the same mechanism works other way too. Even if we know about having to avoid negative words interchanging, it’s difficult to do so when we daily interact and communicate with many many people. Unfortunately there are a lot of us which are “playing” with people’s minds by using words with destroying effects. And they are doing it for their own amusement or, even worse, pushed by “unorthodox” goals.

Guide your life according to the next three recommendations: be positive, act positively, use positive words! – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc

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