The Power of Word – Part One

Everyone is using words to express his thoughts and feelings and to interact. Soft or hard…meaningful or meaningless… words came out easily. People don’t have anymore the patience and disposition to pay attention to them and theirs effects on us. I even dare to say that today isn’t anymore any respect and interest for the word … words become an “invisible reality”… we use words as we breathe … automatically.

Very few of us seem to hold “the trick” on the powerful effect of words on ourselves or on others. Did you ever wonder how we pass over difficult situations or long-term activities from life? Why today we seem to have no energy and think pessimistically and tomorrow we found the necessary force to go on?

Our interior strengthens emerge from the fact that we “built” a support strategy using words having positive effects such as “I am strong”…“I can go on” …”I am capable”. This kind of structure is acting as an order on our unconscious mind. The result … without even knowing a new and needed energy and positive attitude invade us.

The mechanism is working “like a miracle”. Only by choosing the “right” words we have the power to keep us on going and avoiding the break-downs. But, we mustn’t skip the idea that these words have to be based on self-confidence and self-honesty. This means that it’s necessary to keep in our mind the real image on our capacities so we can avoid fooling ourselves.

Even if sometimes we aren’t aware of word’s effect on us, it appears that it works quietly on our mind. All we have to do is to become conscious of the words we chose to express and to make them work for our positive state of spirit and not against us. Keep in your mind that the “smallest” word can have special outcomes on your behavior. – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc