The Choice to Behave Responsible

In life, theoretically speaking, any behavior must be expressed with a responsible attitude which implies the idea that the person should assume the responsibility for any of his actions no matter the consequences. Practically, things are not so simple because of some interior elements that coordinate us (explained by person’s psychology and crowd’s psychology).

To understand the mechanism of assuming the responsibility it’s necessary to analyze our behavior in two main situations: individual behavior and group behavior. The most significant difference between these two types of behavior is the fact that we are ready to assume the responsibility when we act alone.

In the first case, the person has only two options to behave: to be responsible or irresponsible. The impact of social label as irresponsible has an opposite effect on us – the one of taking the whole responsibility more often to prove ourselves as a responsible person. In another words, we need to be fully responsible because it’s our image that counts and any “behavior deviation” will be easily assigned to us.

Regarding the second situation, “my responsibility/irresponsibility” is absorbed by the group and “I” become “we”, the individual having a third alternative – to avoid taking the responsibility. The group behavior is also known as “crowd phenomenon”. The major explanation for the group behavior is the dispersion of responsibility. The other one’s presence offers to each individual the possibility to transfer responsibility.

The group behavior has destructive effects on every single individual. These effects are generated by crowd’s characteristics such as impulsivity, irascibility, higher suggestibility, exaggerated and simplistic feelings, lack of reason and critical sense, intolerance. Acting together individuals have no control on them or the others. No individual knows which action is only his or induced by the group. In group a person has the feeling that he can do anything (even self-controlled action) without assuming the responsibility for.

Even if it’s easy to say and hard to do, knowing this information should make us to assume the responsibility for our actions without hesitating because it help us to be less influenced by group behavior and more conscious of ourselves. Since interactions with people can’t be and isn’t recommended to be avoided, try to have a responsible attitude in life! – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc