Sleeping Well in the Summer

Sleeping well in the summer is more challenging than in other seasons. And this happen during the periods of excessive heat. Here is a list of tips if you want to avoid sleep loss and exhaustion during these periods of high temperatures:

Don’t overheat your body. Reduce your physical activities in the sun, drink plenty of water, stay in shady places and take baths in cool water.

Exercise only in the morning, not in the evening. A good sleep requires an optimal temperature of the body and a calm body. Intense physical activities and exercise in the evening overheat and over stimulate your body.

Cool your home and bedroom. Make your own air conditioner and use blinds to keep out sunlight.

Wear light and white clothing. While light clothes allow your skin to “breath”, white clothes reflect sunlight dissipating the heat (dark clothes absorb sunlight).

Don’t eat hot meals before bedtime. Hot meals heat your body and bring out perspiration.

Shower before bedtime. A cool shower reduces the temperature of your body and cleans the perspiration.