Simplicity – 3 Causes of this New Movement

There is a greater and greater demand for simplicity and slow-down in our busy and hectic world. Our world has become so complicated and stressful that it turned to be unnatural.

The paradox is that we humans transformed and developed our world motivated by the idea that it would serve us better. But it seems that these transformations have secondary effects, which turn against us. So, after we saw that too much artificial work make our lives heavier not easier, we try now to appeal to natural and simplicity.

But what is simplicity or living simple anyway? In my own words, simple living presuppose a focus on “being” and less and less on “having” and “doing”, if we take into account these three states: being, doing and having. But if you want a better understanding on what means simply living, take a look here.

The main causes that turned us towards simplicity and natural are:

Decline of Natural Environment – when we have begun transforming our natural world to make it a better world, we didn’t take into account that it was already a perfect world. I’m not a green peace activist and I agree that we humans have to make some adjustments to our environment in order to fit our needs, but watch out, we become too greedy and now this turn against us. The question is: Can we make something now or is too late already?

Hectic Social Life – the big problems for us as humans begin with the big transformations of our social environment. In a crowded and speedy social world an individual have to invest a lot of his time and vital energy in order to keep up with others. We live comparing permanently us with others and if they have more we begin to feel that we need more too. And in this way we begin “the rat race”, an exhausting, competitive and endless struggle for more.

Unfulfilled Personal Life – as a consequence of these transformations of the natural and social environments, our personal and mostly our inner life doesn’t feel happy anymore. In a world where you don’t keep in touch with a “natural nature” and your social environment is just a race stadium, your inner world will collapse if you don’t make something.

Simplicity, natural, slow down, relaxation and calm are just a few concepts that connote a new way of thinking our life.