Self-Suggestion and Success

The power of mind was always considered a subject of present interest by researchers because each conclusion revealed new perspectives on our mental capacities. Every time we are surprised by our positive thought’s influence on our body and actions knowing that it is used only 30% of brain capacity. I wonder what we could be able to do with our mind functioning at his full capacity.

Especially in the psychology area, the well-known concept “positive thinking” is completed by the effect of self-suggestion. This correlation is based on the idea that repeated positive thoughts as “I can do this/ I know I can/ It will be ok/ I’m capable of…” sustain our motivation and involvement and help us to succeed and overpass different kind of situations: impossible problems to solve (at first sight), low self-esteem, bad mood, etc.

The effect of self-suggestion is explained by the fact that spoken thoughts have more influence than latent ones. It is as we would command to our mind to do exactly something. We give our mind a subtle “deadline” to find the necessary energy and way in a certain situation.

The question is if the self-suggestion really happens and works. Some ones are being skeptic regarding self-suggestion but our life is full of illusions, every one of us has his own reality and what is real to me could be a fantasy to other. On my opinion, the most important aspect to consider should be the mental support offered by self-suggestion in solving one’s problems and not the controversy if it is an illusion or not.

The main idea is that, on one hand, we need positive self-suggestion to succeed in live and every psychical and physical effort should be doubled by self-suggestion and on other hand, we should never forget hard work because nothing is achieved without effort. We also have to make use of self-suggestion only in constructive situations for us and others. – Psychologist Nicoleta Cramaruc