Productivity Tips – Incubating Ideas

I had an interesting experience that led me to some ideas about how our mind work and its productivity.

When I first started online publishing in December 2005, I read a lot about how to make this in an efficient and pleasant way. The first thing that attracted my mind as a powerful magnet was “content is king”.

With this idea in mind I began to put down ideas I played in my mind for years. For the first articles it was very hard for me, because I am not English. But I have worked hard and I think is better now. The encouraging thing is that the more I think and write the easier is to think and write, ideas poured again and again so that my hand was too slow for my eager mind.

In this way, keeping my mind focused and occupied with creating and developing ideas, I had a productive and pleasant writing flow. At a given time, I realized that I can be more productive and creative if I dive deeper and deeper in the pool of ideas and writing. But at the same time I was aware that if I want to have success in the long run of online publishing, I have to develop the infrastructure, the form in which the content is poured. I talk here about the queen of online publishing – “web-savvyness”. For me the form isn’t only the blog platform or other software tool, but the whole infrastructural process of online publishing.

When I discovered this other “must have”, I began to focus my mind on how to acquire as much web-development knowledge as possible and implement it. But I noticed that this new thing departed me step-by-step from my main goal – writing content. In fact, this new thing refocused my entire mind activity. My mind wasn’t anymore playing with content ideas but with web-development ideas.

Our mind must be flexible and adaptable to easily switch between any kind of ideas and activities, but our mind is more productive when it works as an incubator. If you put one kind of ideas inside and give them a sufficient time to develop, this process will output great results. But if you’ll break this process too often, bringing into it other kind of ideas, it will be distracted and will output only average results or not at all.


  • at a given time focus only on one kind of ideas or activities; give it a sufficient time if you want to produce valuable results;
  • refocus your mind when necessary, by incubating and playing a sufficient time with a new kind of ideas;
  • be aware of your inner world of ideas (is it playing with one kind of ideas at a time or fly from one to another?); stick to one kind for a while if you want to be productive;