Prepare your Environment then Focus on High Priority Tasks

Once you become conscious that you aren’t productive in the field you consider your priority, what you have to do is to ask yourself: can I do something to change or improve this situation? You must be aware that there are obstacles that aren’t in your power but mostly your productivity depends on you. After you realized that, the next is to ask yourself: what can I do to improve my effectiveness? If you do a search on you’ll find a lot of ideas about how to improve your productivity.

Here you have two essential steps you must consider if you want to be effective and efficient:

Prepare your Environment/Workspace

All the tasks we have to work on must be done in a certain place. Usually these places are arranged as workspaces with almost all you need to finish your tasks. But even so you have to tailor your workspace for work. The most important thing to do for a proper environment is to remove all potential distractions. Another important thing is to clean up and keep a clean environment (a clean desk and desktop). Make sure the temperature is proper.

Focus on High Priority Tasks

Usually when we start our daily work we tend to begin with the simple and low priority tasks. We do this because we think in this way we’ll clean and simplify our work. But this is a trap. If we begin with these low priority tasks our peak time and energy is spent on something insignificant. Then they tend to multiply because they are many and send us from one to another in a vicious chain. In this way we often find ourselves too tired and too distracted to work efficiently on our high priority tasks.

So the best way to begin your daily work is to make an ABC list of priorities (A – very important and urgent, B – important but not urgent, C – less important) and start with A priorities. Stick with A priorities until you finish them all and don’t let C tasks lure you.