Peaceful Warrior’s 21 Teachings

Knowledge is Not Wisdom – Knowledge is theory (know how to do something), wisdom is practice (doing that something). How many times you find yourself in this situation: you now how to do something good for you and others, but you don’t do it. Let’s give an example: you know that exercising daily is more than good for your body and mind, even for your relationship, but you find yourself often not doing it.

Happiness doesn’t Equal cash, sex, power, glory … – you can have these all and be unhappy at the same time. You can have these all and still feel empty inside.

The Highest Purpose: Service to Others – There’s no higher purpose than this one. I think this statement might be the answer to all strivings for the meaning in life.

Slow Down. You might taste something!

Listen to Your Own Intuition!

Get rid of all Useless/Negative Thoughts – learn to throw out every thought you don’t need. The useless and negative thoughts not only are bad in themselves but they prevent useful and positive thoughts to manifest and weaken your focus on your goals.

Be fully Aware about What is Going On With You and Around You Right Now – clear your mind of past and future thoughts and concentrate on what you are doing right now. This is the key for excellence and performance in any domain. It applies successfully to any goal you have to achieve. Focus only and only on the task you have to do right now in order to achieve your goal and you will succeed. But for this we have to be devoted 100% to the experience we are having.

You Make a Decision Every Moment – be conscious about your choices, be aware of the options you have at a given moment, because from that moment on your life can take very different tracks. And once you chose an option you exclude others, so be careful! Your repeated choices will become your habits.

There are No Ordinary Moments, because always something happens – we miss a lot of beautiful things that happen around us just because we think nothing happen, but there are going on a lot of things if we are able to see them.

Be Aware of Attachments and Addictions – there are two approaches to escape these two weaknesses: one way is to fight them the other is to just let them go. Use both.

Everything have a purpose, find it or create it – the first and most common way to find your meaning in life is to seek and discover it. This way presuppose that purpose or meaning is somewhere there (someone put it there or it grew there by itself) and all we have to do is to discover it. The second way is more uncommon and imply that out there, in reality, is no purpose or meaning at all and what we have to do is to create it and follow it.

Meditate to Find Answers and Peacefulness – stillness and silence are the best ways to find what you are seeking for.

Most people Don’t Live at all – busyness doesn’t equal living.

Assume your imperfection, vulnerability and defeats!

There is only Doing, no starting or stopping! – our life is like a fluid flow with its own drive and energy or engine, all we have to do is to choose the best track at any given cross-road.

The Trickiest Trap: When I get what I want I’ll be happy! Even when you get what you want you still suffer because you can’t hold the moment forever and get bored soon. And boredom is suffering. Gold is an illusion and also it brings you the fear that you may lose it. Living in fear that you might fail.

You are Something Exceptional either way, even if you win or lose!

Mystery, Permanent Change and Humor – these are what life is all about!

The journey (process) is what gives you happiness, not the destination (results) – the destination is often just a pretext for a journey.

Control your Mind & Body; try not to control the external world, that which is beyond your control.

All we have is Present, all we are is this Moment, all we do is Here & Now – this is the only thing that matters!