Are Christmas Days more special?!

Every year we make a lot of preparation and buzz for a few days of the year – Christmas Days. We make a lot of shopping: aliments, gifts, Christmas Tree, ornaments, etc. Then we decorate and ornate our houses, Christmas tree, greet each other with “Merry Christmas”, and so on.

As I learnt at axiology classes all things (including days of the year) have no value at all in themselves if we humans don’t put/invest value in them (if we don’t value them). They are “beyond good and bad” as a philosopher once said. All things in themselves are not good or bad, beautiful or ugly, useful or useless but we have the power to see them so. We all are magicians. We may create value there where is no value at all. We can make things be good or bad, useful or useless, look beautiful or ugly.

The same thing happen with Christmas Days, they aren’t more special than others but we see them as being more special. These days are not so highly valued by all peoples. Buddhists, Mussulmans and others don’t see these days as more special. Christmas Days had at the beginning a religious value, Christians believe that nearly two thousand years ago, on 25 December was born the Son of God – Jesus.

Even now, Christmas Days have religious value but only in the background. Many Christians celebrate these days only for the pleasure of celebrating and by habit and not for the sake of Christ. They forgot the feted person and only see the old year out and new year in.

We may see the days of the year as being different, some being more valued than others or we can treat all days as the same (there is no special day). Others may argue that all days are special, because each day bring something new, special in our life, there is no one day that is a carbon copy of another one.

I want to argue that there is only one day more special than others and this day is TODAY. Today is the most special day of the year. This doesn’t means only “carpe diem” (living the moment in a simplistic and hedonic way) but much more. It means living consciously today – what you think and do, how you feel and relate with others and God today count more than what and how you did yesterday or what and how you will do tomorrow. Let’s be aware of the fact that too often the yesterdays and the tomorrows have stolen our today.