Our Daily “Psychological Background”

Our daily life begins, progress and end on a “psychological background”. Through “psychological background” I mean all our daily thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that don’t play the leading part of our day, but the second one. They are in the background, not in the spotlight, of our daily buzz, but this doesn’t mean they are less important. These thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are critical for our daily moods. As a puppeteer handle the strings of the puppets to animate and control them, in the same way our background thoughts handle our main ones.

The thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that form our daily “psychological background” aren’t voluntary ones. We don’t consciously intend to think one of them; they are, most of the time, involuntary, automated and unconscious processes of our mind. Even more, many of them are post-voluntary. This means they were, in our past, voluntary and conscious thoughts that we allowed to run in our mind.

We can talk about three kinds of “psychological background”:

Default “Psychological Background”

I call it default because of its regular presence in our daily life. It is established in time, in a less or more unconscious way, and is made up by all daily thoughts, beliefs and attitudes we used regularly in our past. This kind of background thoughts is very important because these thoughts repeat day-by-day. Therefore, they affect our life daily.

Contextual “Psychological Background”

Through contextual “psychological background” I refer to those background thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that are not a constant presence in our daily life, they appear due to some contextual events. They may disappear suddenly as they appeared, if they don’t find a proper medium to stick and develop. Or they may persist and develop, over the time, into default processes of our mind, if we allow them to run again and again.

We must be aware of this process and analyze what background thoughts some events caused in our mind. Then we must allow those that are positive and benefic to stick and develop. And fight, change or reject those that are negative and destructive for us and for the others.

Optimized “Psychological Background”

Even if our default “psychological background” was installed day-by-day in an unconscious way, this doesn’t mean it is forever. It can be optimized.

This is the magic of personal growth process – we have the power to play constructively with the code (background thoughts, beliefs and attitudes) of our mind. We may improve, optimize and build an optimal mind and through it a successful life.

Be aware! Our today thoughts, beliefs and attitudes not only determine our today mood, but they build our tomorrow “psychological background”.