Life, Predictability and Power

Walking through fog, we can see as much as we need to move on. We see what’s happen in our very close neighborhood, but not what’s happen on long distances.

The same thing occurs in our daily life. We are able to see and act clearly in the now (present moment), but we can’t change our past or predict very accurately our future.

… there is something else most of us dislike about fog: the lack of predictability. We like being able to see what is down the road in our lives. The future is not known but most of us think we would like to know what the next minute or the next day would bring. We believe that knowledge will give us a feeling of control. And we all like to think that we are in charge of life. It makes us think we are safe. … But control in our lives is truly a myth. There is no such thing. Oh, we can take precautions. We can make plans. We can be responsible … But no matter what we do, no matter how responsible we are and no matter how well we have planned we cannot see what is down the road. We truly live our lives in fog. … The good news is our inability to see the future gives us the opportunity to live in the now. The past is over. The future does not exist. All we have is now.

Like fog, life is full of unpredictability

Even if we live in a foggy life, we have power not only over our present moment, but over our past and future as well. Let’s take them chronologically:

  • we can’t change our past, even so what affect us isn’t the past itself but how we perceive or interpret it; … do we learn from our past, do we watch what happened in our past so that that empower and not disempower us?!
  • over the our present we have power through our big or small decisions, we may decide right now what to do or not to do, and this affect
  • our future too, it is shaped by our present decisions, so we have power over our future through our present decisions;

But there is an essential distinction, we all have to be aware of, if we want to succeed: there are things/events over which we may have power/control and things/events over which we have no power at all. The key is to focus on those we may have power and exert this power at its full potential, and don’t strive on those which we have no power at all.