In The Beginning There Is Education – Education as Programming

There are two major factors that contribute decisively to our personal development: heredity and environment. Education is the most important element of the environment. Chronologically, in the beginning there is heredity and not education. But I want to focus on what we as individuals can control and change and not on what is beyond our control.

Education as Programming – almost all things our parents and educators teach us become a sort of programs that are installed in our brains and then run our brains and our life. Making an analogy with a PC, your brain is the hardware and the teaching of your parents and educators is the software. And most important, these teachings or programs can be positive or negative.

On one hand, I don’t like this situation (education as programming), because in the early years of our life we aren’t in control of our education and this sort of programming may be fatal. Our parents, educators and environment in general may educate or program us in an unhappy way. This happens mainly because our parents and educators aren’t fully conscious and in control (some not at all) of the process of education.

On the other hand, I like the fact that education (as training – exercise – rehearsal) has a greater impact over our life than our biological background. Even if many of us complain of undesirable or negative programming in the childhood.

Our chance comes with what is called self-education or self-programming (learning without instructors). At a certain point of our life we become aware of the huge importance of education, but most important we realize that we can take control of our education and so of our development and growth. So from this point of awareness on we can not only educate or program ourselves but even reeducate or reprogram ourselves.

Even if self-education isn’t fully free of any kind of ideology, it reduces a lot the chance to be inoculated with an ideology. Take care of your education process!