How to Share Your Success with Others

Me…you…him…I’m positive that every one of us is looking to have a successful life (personal or professionally speaking)…”something” which makes life worth living for and which gives us the feeling that life doesn’t pass by us in vain.

Day by day you put energy, knowledge, soul and perseverance in any action which can bring you closer to your goals. You have the strength not to fall into immediate goal’s benefits but to follow your special goals. It’s clear that you definitely know what you want from life in those cases.

A fine observer would remark above too many “you”… That’s a reality that every one is concentrating on him especially in our days. But…once you have accomplished your purpose you mustn’t forget that any success is meaningful only if you share it with people around you. Like this you allow to your close and known ones to live special moments next to you…!?

Have you ever asked yourself if sharing has “side effects” on you?! … such as negative energies and thoughts toward you; inevitable and unconscious envy; potential cold and superficial relationships or the natural human trait that, as close as you are to someone successful, you can’t control an unconscious and instinctive “incapacity” of fully enjoying his success…

Have you ever saw a change in your friends once you shared with them one of your successes?!…probably you have and you got confused because you couldn’t understand their behavior and couldn’t identify the real reasons of it. Sharing could also bring you obviously or hidden coldness between you and your friends.

So another life’s dilemma…you can’t stop from following your goal and having success or from sharing it because you’ll feel incomplete…that’s human nature…if no one knows about your success who will appreciate you…the success will be partial…

Like you I’m also wondering about the proper and less “damaging” approach of this situation. I think maybe we should try:

  • to choose very carefully the moment, how and what we share from our success;
  • to open ourselves only to real close and reliable persons;
  • not to show a superior attitude based on our success;
  • to also appreciate and valorize our friend’s success;
  • to make known to our friends that theirs support helped us to succeed;
  • to make the difference between friends and so-called friends so we can avoid them;
  • to support our friends in theirs action;
  • is preferable to interact, in this case, with friends having similar successes;
  • to understand their reactions, not judge them and to make our success/goal as understood as we can;

Since we aren’t alone and we can’t live alone in this life and there is not even one “plus” without a “minus”, any success is worth sharing but cautiously. Make others enjoy your success so you can find the meaning of sharing success! – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc