How to Resist in Stressful Job Conditions

It is known and verified that in every staff team there is at least a person who shows a large “interest” for everything the others are doing. In another words, this kind of persons are trying to put his colleagues in a bad light at any price even if his “victim” has qualities and good skills.

What kind of purpose could motivate this behavior? The answer is the need to keep the very own job and also the ambition to promote by destroying anyone in the way. In both cases, these reactions are sustained by fear because the colleagues are perceived like a threat when they are better specialists. Let’s not forget that in other cases, someone is doing this just because he is mischief.

Why this person is choosing to give to his colleagues a hard time? Answer: by all kinds of remarks, lies, “inhuman” behaviors, are created stressful job conditions and so it is expected the “victim” to psychically collapse and quit.

How can we resist to this “treatment”? Well, if you didn’t find the solution until now, I’ll reveal the answer for you – the indifference. You have to show to your opponent that none of his attacks is hurting you, that everything he is doing has no effect on you. And so, the stress that he is trying to put on you is reversing to him and is making him to fell powerless. Do not react to his attacks with another attack, react with indifference!

All that you have to do is to be “indifferent” and in the same time to do your job as well as you can and to try to be the best in your profession. – Psychologist Nicoleta Cramaruc