How to Have a Positive Attitude

When we talk about how to have a positive attitude, we firstly have in mind those tough, problematic and negative situations when we loose our calm, hopes and joy. But we have to understand that positive attitude must be a daily presence in our life, not only in bad contexts. Usually our daily mood isn’t bad, nor positive enough but neutral. We have to realize it and change our negative attitude and also neutral attitude into positive ones. The key is to keep a positive attitude despite the situation you are in, to maintain a positive thinking in the face of adversity, but also to cultivate it daily.

Before going further, we have to find out how many kinds of attitudes are there. If we figure out a line with two extremes (positive and negative) and a center (neutral), then we have three basic kinds. We can change the names and say optimistic attitude (aka positive), realistic (neutral) and pessimistic (negative), then these can include more specific ones. What we have to keep in mind is that attitude is a mental construct, a state of mind, an inner disposition toward something from the outside world and that it influences your behavior. Positive or negative attitude is your affective mind directed toward something: you, others, specific situations and life in general.

We must accept that having and persisting in a negative attitude doesn’t solve anything, but make things worse by undermining the main agent that can change the situation: YOU. Positive attitude enhances creativity and so it helps you to find solutions to your problems, but negative attitude doesn’t give you anything constructive.

Your mental attitude can be influenced by your bodily posture. If you walk or sit down like a sick, your inner mood will copy your outer posture, but if you cultivate a straight up posture with your chest up and your shoulders backwards, your inner attitude will be more optimistic too. Behave “as if” you are optimistic, at the beginning you can “fake” a positive attitude to trick your inner agent, but then you have to adopt and integrate it as an authentic one.

Try to model or imitate someone that you think he may be a model of very high optimistic and postive attitude. Also keep in mind that positive attitude is infectious, so take care with which you spend your time.

Examine your inner voice and change your negative thoughts, cultivate a positive self talk. You can’t control all outside world but a little part of it and most importantly you have full control on your inner world (your reaction to the world). Cultivate gratitude and compare your situation not only with wealthy and prosper people but with those poor too. Think of positive aspects in your life and see the good in the bad, there is always a lesson to learn.

Sleep well and slow down your daily activities, exercise at least three times a week, laugh and develop a strong sense of humor. Tip: don’t watch negative news. Today’s news are 90% negative, they focus on negative and truncate reality. We have to take the reverse and accentuate the positive aspects of life in general.