How Decision-Making Awareness Improve Your Life

Each moment you make a decision. Human and animal life is built on the principle of decision-making. We can’t live at all without running this process of decision-making. Usually we aren’t aware about this vital process which runs in the background of our life. But we can become aware of this if we want, because this awareness may have a tremendous effect on our life.

Decision you make in this very moment will affect your day, week, month, year and even your entire life. And this is a sufficient reason to become aware of your inner decision-making process. Firstly, let’s take into account the degree of consciousness associate with the decision-making process.

Unconscious – Conscious – Postconscious Decisions

Usually most of our small and daily decisions are unconscious and postconscious. Unconscious decisions mean that we aren’t aware of the decisions we make at the very moment we make them, even if it implies our thinking and will. Conscious decisions refer to the fact that we are fully aware in the moment of making our decisions, usually our big decisions. Postconscious decisions are those decisions we made fully aware and because we made them repeatedly they standardized and automated. So now when we make them we needn’t be fully aware.

Small & Big Decisions

Small decisions are those decisions that run our daily life. They are small and many but this don’t mean they are unimportant. They are very important because they build step by step our daily life. Example – I decided this evening if I watch TV or write an article. Big decisions denote those decisions that make a big shift in our life, such as career choose or change.

“Toward & Away From” Decisions

All our decisions are driven by two motivational forces: one positive – deciding toward something desirable and pleasant and other negative – deciding to run away from something undesirable and unpleasant.

How Decision-Making Awareness Improve Our Life

By becoming aware of the decisions we make each moment, we can build the life we want to have and person we want to be. This is possible because our life and character is built step by step by our small or big decisions.

Awareness in itself isn’t enough though, you have to take action, in other words you have to decide fully aware for the option you think will drive you toward the life and person you want to have/be. Once you made the right decision and have chosen the best option for you, all you have to do is to implement this practically.