Goals Attached, Non-Attached and Detached

Talking about goals setting and achievement, we can say that there are three kinds of people:

1. People attached to their goals

In this case the problem isn’t that they are too implied, motivated or active (all these are very good). The problem appears when they have to quit a goal (from diverse reasons) or when they fail to achieve a goal. When one of these two situations happens, they are in big trouble. If they fail to reach one single goal they feel their life is miserable. Many of them think so because they are perfectionists. They think their life isn’t in order if they miss one single goal.

2. People non-attached to their goals

This kind of people seems to be the most equilibrated, regarding how they relate to their goals. They aren’t non-motivated, non-implied or non-active as the term non-attached may suggest. They are effective people and when it comes to quit one goal or when they fail to reach one, they move on. They don’t spend their time thinking negative thoughts about their situation.

3. Detached people

They think that there are goals that worth their effort but at the same time they think they can’t do something to achieve them. Many of them experimented failure and concluded that they are not capable or that the whole world is against their success. Resignation is a keyword in their life.