Family Values and Prejudices

Since the world exists parents are raising their children according to certain family values transmitted from their own parents…the well-known process from generation to generation. These values are having a legacy status and because they are very resistant to change the present values are always compared to them.

Parents raise a child following an ”old pattern” being extremely difficult for them to preview and to accept the future’s values because of the major influence of the family values. By not being open they aren’t doing any favor to their child. The child will not be prepared to face and to adjust to the future.

It’s good to teach your children the family values especially today when values are less and less appreciated. Still the wonder persists…where does some of these values stop and become prejudices…?! The line between them is very subtle and it’s easy to go beyond it. So it’s necessary to draw a clear line so you as a parent or you as a child not to keep on living in a vicious circle.

The child who quietly accepts an education full of prejudices will easily passes to his kids the same family pattern, sentencing them to live in the past. When a child tries to make their parents understand the present values, their parents often consider this kind of attitude as disrespect and as an attempt to discredit them.

In fact each part, parent or child, is trying to defend their own values. Either parents or children become confused and disoriented if these beliefs, seen as a guide in life, disappear. It’s natural to feel a certain fear facing up the unknown (in parent’s case) and a need to find the values which define your own personality (in children’s case). But…it’s not normal to let some of the family’s values become prejudices.

So…parents think twice if your family’s values could be your own child’s values before you “force” him to accept them! And…children help your parents understand your values in a diplomatic way! Adjust your values to life’s changes and eliminate the prejudices! Prejudices only keep you from being yourself and from finding out who you are and what you can do in life. – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc