Expectations Importance in Personality Development

Smaller or bigger, simple or complex, many or few… we all have expectations in our life. Defined as the supposition on the result of a certain behavior, the expectation has a special importance because it makes us to keep a certain level of our actions and attitudes. We apply this standard not only with ourselves but also with every interaction partner.

Two concepts are being very important to the expectation significance. The first one is the self-efficacy which connotes the realistic belief about the success of a personal action. The thought that we can do something at a high level is acting on us as a self-regulatory mechanism of our personal performance.

High efficacy is correlated with the success expectation and the perseverance to pass over all obstacles and frustrations. As for the low efficacy, it is related to the failure expectation and the inefficacy feeling. Regarding the success expectation this one needs to be real and adapted to every person’s capacities.

Self-fulfilling prophecy, the second concept is referring to the fact that credible expectations of a person can induce a certain behavior of another person and the last one is confirming unconsciously the first one’s expectation. In another words this kind of expectation is transforming other one’s behavior and performance. We start to consider and analyze the partner’s behavior through this belief and so we will see the person we want him to be and not who it really is. We are thinking about the others through our interior state of spirit and self-appreciation. A person having high-efficacy and self-esteem is tempted to consider someone else’s behavior and performance lower than his.

As long as our expectations are maintained at an optimal level, theirs influence is welcomed in personality development … even if criteria as physical attractiveness, intelligence, social status and race can bring on a subjective line. – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc