Excellence is Free for Everyone

In our society and culture there is a fatalistic yet popular idea: you have to be gifted (specific innate gifts) in order to achieve excellence in a certain field. But latest researches deny this awful idea. Why awful? Because it may make you don’t start up at all or quit too early in the field you like most. You may either think you aren’t gifted for what you would like to do for the rest of your life or if you started up and encounter inevitable obstacles and bumps you may conclude you just aren’t gifted and give up.

The researchers concluded that lack of natural talent isn’t a big problem and that it is irrelevant for achieving excellence. Excellence is free of constrains and existential limits (such as: some are born gifted others not) but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for it. We aren’t any more hostages to the idea of natural, inherited and so fatalistic talent but we must pay a price to achieve excellence.

The good news is that the talent can be obtained and trained even if we didn’t inherit it. What we have to pay for it is: hard work and practice. It seems that we don’t posses targeted natural gifts. The secrets of excellence simple being: hard work, practice and a never ending improvement.

What it takes to be great