Consciousness-Raising Events

At a given time our consciousness has a certain range of understanding and comprehending the world around us. Usually our consciousness boundaries are given by the criterion of familiarity. If we are familiar with something then we haven’t many problems in deeply understanding it. But once one thing is beyond our familiarity, it challenges our consciousness to go to another level in order to understand it.

Our consciousness range broadens and rises to a higher level by means of certain events. We all can remember such events that made a difference in our consciousness. They produce a click in our mind and trigger a new perspective in a certain area. They bring us that eureka, a suddenly (in fact it is cumulative and progressive) illumination.

This kind of things and events can be big and rare and usually they trigger a radical and big new understanding. Also, they can be small and many; in this case each of them makes a small difference in our understanding, but through their cumulative and progressive effect they take you to a radical and big new perspective.

The consciousness-raising events may happen incognito, without our control, but also they can be facilitate and prepared by our own actions. The most efficient and frequent consciousness-raising event is READING! The true key of consciousness-raising through reading lay not just in the process of reading, but in the selection of reading materials and in valorization of the ideas. In this era of information inflation, if we aren’t very critical in our selection of reading materials, we may find ourselves cluttered and trapped.

The big gain with consciousness-raising events is that they not only broaden the range of our consciousness and raise it to a higher level, but also they help us:

  • get rid of useless and time, energy consuming beliefs, values, attitudes, practices and ideas;
  • gain new, useful and life-friendly convictions, values, attitudes, practices and ideas.