Why to exercise?

There are two main reasons why people exercise. Most people exercise because they want to lose weight. But there are others who exercise not only for their weight but to improve and maintain their health (both physical and psychological health). It’s well-know that exercising from 30 minutes to an hour every day it’s a sure way to fit your weight and maintain a high level of health. Exercising regularly helps you lose weight, improve your physical & subjective well-being, strengthen your immune system and lowers your risk of : heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Even if we do know this facts, many of us are overweight and unhealthy. Why?

  • we think we are too busy;
  • we aren’t motivated and constant;
  • we don’t think in a preventive/prophylactic way;

We think we are too busy but we are not. We use this kind of rationalization/trick to avoid something we believe we don’t like (exercising). I may say, from my experience, that exercising is a very pleasant and liberating activity.

We aren’t motivated and constant in exercising because, in our mind, we have associated the image of exercising with exhausting effort, pain, perspiration, etc. But let’s see jogging, bicycling or aerobics as gifts, as the most pleasant things that can happen to us. Let’s enjoy the process as well as results of exercising.

Thinking in a preventive/prophylactic way is a sign of wisdom. Why to procrastinate until we are too fat and unhealthy? Why to recover when we may forestall? Beginning today with a few minutes of exercising (jogging, aerobics, etc.) and adding just one minute daily, for the next month, we can achieve at least 30 minutes a day of the most beneficial activity for our life.

It’s time for jogging.