Boring, Quiet and Meditative Moments

From a historical point of view, we can divide the world into ancient, medieval, modern and post-modern periods.

Silence in Ancient and Medieval Worlds

Some authors say that ancient and medieval periods were full of boring, silent and meditative moments. And that beginning with the modern era, our life has become more tumultuous and deprived of quiet occasions. There is an amount of truth in what they say, but I don’t think that all people from the ancient and medieval periods had so much time to idle and meditate. This kind of moments was reserved mostly for the rich people. The idea is that predominant occupation being agriculture, this work imply a close relationship with the nature, and so a more natural and mind relaxing activities.

Silence in Modern and Post-Modern Worlds

The modern world has brought in our life the industry and all its good and bad outcomes. The industrial world produced the machines that help us, but at the same time it increased the numbers of work hours, brought the monotony of working at a rolling band and ecological problems.

In the post-modern world, the informational and communicational devices are the king of our lives. They have created us many facilities, but they also subjugated us. Even when we want to rest and relax ourselves, the media devices are present (we listen or watch something on a media device in order to relax). But is this kind of relaxation an authentic one? What would you think about me if I have the plug-ears in when I visit the Grand Canyon? Am I relaxing and enjoying the nature? I don’t think so.

Why we avoid silent moments?

Why don’t we allow ourselves moments of quietude? Why are we boring if we don’t have something to do? Why don’t we suffer the silence?

This happen because such moments connect us with our true self and essential questions (such as the question about the meaning(s) of our life). In such moments, we become aware of our weaknesses and we don’t this happen. Another cause is that we have become addicted to agitation. Some say that we are too active, but I think we are too agitated, our minds are overloaded. We can’t stay quiet because the agitation is like a drug that makes us forget our dissatisfactions.


  • don’t avoid quiet, silent and sometimes boring moments, they help you understand yourself, bring you more awareness and raise your level of consciousness;
  • try to take silent moments, even if at the beginning they are boring, afterwards they will bring you a peaceful and relaxing silence;
  • free your mind of worries and agitation; these instants must be “free of worries”, let your worries fade out;
  • just stay unmoved and be aware;
  • don’t ask yourself continuously: “what’s next?”, “I missed something?”;
  • such occasions give you a sense of perspective and trigger insights;
  • these moments train your patience;
  • boring is more productive than agitation of mind and body;
  • quiet and meditative moments empower and recharge you;

Enjoy your boring moments by transforming them into silent, meditative and relaxing ones.