Benefits and Troubles of Becoming More Conscious

The benefits of living consciously seem to be obvious. Nobody ever talked (as I know) about the advantages of living an unconscious life. But many talked about the benefits of becoming more conscious:

1. Increased sensory awareness – that means your perception will enrich, noticing new things and details around you. You become more opened and receptive to the external world and this enriched perception will bring you a deeper understanding of what’s going on around you and also more joy (you’ll enjoy every rustle of the leaves).

2. Increased self-awareness – becoming more aware and understanding what’s going on in your inner world. Achieving a new level of self-understanding will help you taking control over your life. The changing process needs first understanding/knowledge and then action in order to take place.

But even if we are aware of the benefits of living more and more consciously, let’s try to figure out what the limits, drawbacks or troubles of becoming more conscious will be, if any.

I figured out just two possible “troubles”:

1. To become more conscious you have to be all the time in alert, you have to keep voluntarily your mind at a high level of awareness at least until it become a habit. But all this require a lot of energy. Can we provide this amount of energy? Many mundane activities must be done at a lower level of consciousness, if we want to keep our mind focused on our priorities.

2. More consciousness makes you more sensible to the suffering that exists in the world. Being more conscious you’ll notice easier not only what is positive in the world but what is negative too. An author once said something like this: ”how much consciousness, the same amount of drama”. This means that the more conscious you are, the easier it is to empathize with others, especially with those in suffering.

I talked here about the “troubles” of becoming more conscious not to make you say this doesn’t worth the effort, but to make you aware that this implies a lot of effort and energy. But yes, it worth all the effort and energy, because your life will enrich beyond any investment.