Are Tough Conditions Bad or Good for Us?

At the first sight the collocation “tough conditions” make us think to bad, pain and suffering. Usually we think the tough situations and events as something bad for us. But let’s take a close look and decide if they are bad.

Let’s take the situation when we want to achieve a goal but encounter a lot of obstacles on the way to the finish. Are obstacles bad things? Yes they are if they prevent you from achieving your goal. But once you solved them they become a good experiment for you. They enriched your experience and the next time you encounter them you’ll know how to tackle them. Also your will and character won something good.

There are two dimensions of our life which are influenced differently by though conditions: personal comfort and personal development. For our personal comfort the though situations are bad, because they pull you out of your comfort zone. For our personal development the though events and conditions are good ones. They are favorable conditions because they help us grow. The growth process isn’t possible without challenges and obstacles.

To live a meaningful and interesting life doesn’t mean not to encounter obstacles but to pass them successfully.