Alone In Our Professional Race

It is known that each individual has many needs and from the very first day of living he is “fighting” to accomplish them. On this idea, the American psychologist H. Maslow established five categories of needs (the pyramid of needs): the biological needs, the safety needs, the affiliation needs, the self-esteem and status needs and at the top the need to self-fulfillment.

This last need of self-fulfillment is reached only by those which already had satisfied the anterior needs in order. If the biological or safety needs aren’t achieved the person can’t go on dealing with self-esteem or self-fulfillment. When a person has no food to survive or he don’t feel safe, he will try to satisfy these ones first and only then next ones will get his attention.

Today more and more persons have as main target the need of professional and financial fulfillment, this is a sign of personal growth but at the same time a disadvantage considering the extreme means used in the process. So the modern society encourages methods as disloyal competition and a rough individualism in the attempt to reach a higher professional level.

Both of them, especially the individualism have major effects on human being as well as on the humankind – the lack of communication and closeness. People aren’t interested anymore to communicate with one another, being concentrated only on their own needs and “superior” goals.

Leaded by the motto “get something with any prize / be the best no matter how” and wanting every day much more may look all right, but in reality will throw us in a “race” against others and finally we will end up with no one to share our success. The humanity tragedy emerge from the fact that we will be living one next to other but never together. The future’s paradox will be “to live alone surround by people”.

The answer is definitely not to give up on our need to self-fulfillment but to offer us from time to time a few moments to think about us and others in perspective and to take care of other important social needs. This idea invites us to make the difference between the normal need to succeed on our profession and the temptation to transform it in an obsession. To live in present is good, but to keep the future in our mind is recommended. – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc