A Noisy Laugh or an Exquisite Smile?

“Smile is the most beautiful weapon of life. Smile to the one you love so he can open his soul to you; smile to the one you hate so he can’t feel the coldness inside your heart; smile to the one who offended you so he can’t feel it hurts you” … true and inspired words … but I wonder if you ever asked yourself what does it hides or reveals a smile?! … if there’s a difference between a laugh and a smile?! … why some people prefer to smile instead of laughing?!

“Smile is the most beautiful weapon … ”indeed … so there’s something “dangerous” about it…but in what way? We could say that laugh and smile are tight ”relatives”, but they act on different bases. The laugh is generally spontaneous which means that it’s less controlled and more sincere. A smile doesn’t appear on our face “by accident” because it’s more psychologically structured and rather hard to be analyzed…unless you are a fine observer to instantly make the difference between a fake and a genuine smile.

So if laughing it’s a soul’s state, smiling it’s a mind’s one … if laughing seems to be a direct and sometimes unpredicted manner to approach someone, smiling becomes a diplomatic way to interact.

Paying attention to various discussions between people or hearing part of theirs opinions, I remarked two aspects. On one hand, that many of us are more drawn to people who smile and we prefer their company. Further more, the same us seem to judge a non-smiling face as a negative and less appreciated expression … but how many of us asked ourselves even once if that non-smiling face isn’t more honest than a smiling one?!

On the other hand, we consider the smile an appropriate method “to communicate” with strangers because we tell ourselves that the other one will see this as a sign of openness while we are “snooping” inside his intimacy without “being caught”. Do you remember a situation when someone you hardly know smiled to you all the time and you told him personal things thinking “what a nice person”?!

Without sleeping into the pessimistic extreme, I usually am more precautious with persons who show me an instantly, easy and “free” smile … and even more if they are strangers … Back in time maybe I would’ve believe in a smile without finding a reason, but today you can’t be sure why someone is smiling to you!

It’s tested that the laugh/smile couple maintain us happy and healthy…idea also sustained by the phrase “a laugh a day keeps the doctor away”… but when we are permanently surrounded by all kind of people it’s “healthier” to be at least a little bit suspicious about a “smiling face”. Since not even the famous smile of Mona Lisa can be “trusted” we can’t suddenly have faith on someone’s smile…why?! … according to the professor Margaret Livingstone from Harvard University her smile becomes obvious only when you look at other parts of the painting and not straight to her face … Well, a smile is “mysteriously ambiguous” from a legendary one to a common one.

On my opinion a smiling face will pass the authenticity test when it will be able to offer me one laugh, especially if that person it’s a women. I’m not doing any discrimination, but the psychologist Julie Woodzicka discovered that women tend to fake smiles more than men do and are more aware of these smiles. Men, don’t jump to those conclusions you adore, because women smile more to appease an uncomfortable situations.

A smile to the right … a smile to the left … truth?! … disguise?! … women … men … So after all, what do you like better: a noisy laugh or an exquisite smile?! – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc