7 Habits of Unhealthy People

Unhealthy People = Unhealthy Lifestyles (practices & habits).

People are often their own worst enemy. So many of the ailments and afflictions that plague us are our own fault. We eat too much of the wrong kinds of foods, we smoke, we drink and we bake in the sun and poison ourselves with illegal drugs or toxic agents like nail polish remover or scented candles. Is it any wonder that our bodies get sick?
What all these behavioral choices have in common is that we choose to do them. No one makes us smoke or abuse OxyContin. We do it ourselves. And because these actions are purely voluntary, they are also preventable … they were nearly all linked to lifestyle and behavioral choices … the majority of deaths stem from doing stupid things to ourselves.

The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Body

Here are the seven habits or the worst lifestyle and behavioral choices you can make:

  • Smoke
  • Eat Unhealthy Food
  • Don’t Exercise
  • Abuse alcohol
  • Don’t Keep a Proper Hygiene
  • Use Illicit Drugs
  • Don’t Sleep Enough