4 Reasons to Do (Work) Only What You Love

1. There are more chances to succeed in what you do because your passion gives you a huge motivation. If you don’t love your work, the only motivation for it is money. Money, as an extrinsic motivation, is necessary but not sufficient to make you “burn inside” and feel the flow.

2. Work that you love gives you huge satisfactions. Only passion, which is an intrinsic motivation, can bring you authentic joy and fulfillment. In the case of doing what you don’t love, money gives you a certain satisfaction but process of doing certainly don’t. So work in itself may be neutral to you, bother you or you may even hate it. Dissatisfaction of doing often overcomes the satisfaction of result (money).

3. If you like what you do, you’ll do it very well. Doing something very well means that you produce value, and value brings you clients.

4. So doing what you like brings you a lot of money, even if the first motivation isn’t money but satisfaction you get from doing what you love. Money comes as a reward or bonus, completing the joy of work process.

Do what you love!