3 Things I Would Change as a Weblog Starter

1. Don’t try to write the perfect post

In a large measure, I have just a few posts/articles on my site because I try to make my posts perfect. It’s a good thing to try hard to write quality articles but there is a limit after which you can’t be productive at all.

In each of us live a little or big perfectionist. It depends only on you to manage his pretensions and critics. I think isn’t a good choice to kill your little perfectionist for ever (it may be impossible) because he is a mark of our need for perfection and a good supervisor if you know how to use him. Your little perfectionist just needs a little relaxation and balance.

2. Better English

Another reason why my weblog have just a few posts is the fact that I’m not English. In school I learned French and Russian. I learned English by myself and have no problem at reading English books but it’s really challenging to write in other language than your mother-tongue. I’m confident that I’ll improve my English, especially my grammar.

3. More fun

Online publishing is a good opportunity to express your thoughts and create debates. I remember with delight the time when I was student, especially the evening debates in the hostel. I miss them a lot.

This post is a response to a Group Writing Project at Problogger.