3 Principles to Succeed

1. Keep your tasks out of your mind

According to the author of “Getting Things Done” David Allen a key factor of your productivity is to keep your mind free of what you have to do. Because if you think continually at all you have to do your mind can’t focus just on one task at a time. Your mind will be bothered by all you have to do if you don’t take them out of your mind.

The best way to keep your tasks out of your mind is to have a “to do” list. This list may be for a year, month, week or a day. And it may be paper-based or electronic one.

2. Make your list’s items as concrete and discrete as possible

Avoid abstract and general verbs and try to formulate your tasks in behavioral terms. When you state your tasks in abstract and general terms you get confused and don’t know for sure what you really have to do.

Check if each item in your list is a single, discrete task. If an item sound too abstract and general it may be a project and not a single task. In this case try to break them down into smaller chunks.

3. Micromovement approach

When it comes time to take action the best way to tackle your tasks is “one tiny little step at a time”. Once you have done one you can tackle another. Be warned you’ll try to be uberman tackling more than one task without even realize it, but doing so you risk getting overwhelmed and chances to give it up rise.

The micromovement approach has a sound psychology in the background. When you think at a big and complex task you may get unmotivated. But when you have in front of you just a tiny little task you know very well what you have to do and perceive it as something easy to do.

How do you approach your tasks?