Optimize Your Physical Presence

There are two reasons to consciously and permanently optimize your physical presence: first, you’ll feel better; second, others will perceive you as a strong and confident person.

What this means to consciously optimize my physical presence and how do I do this? This means that you must be conscious all the time of your posture and movements then adjust them so that they make you feel relaxed, optimist and at the same time make others see you as a strong person.

Step one: from time to time try to be aware and observe your own posture and movements. If you want to improve something, first step is to evaluate, asses that thing. Usually we don’t pay too much attention to our body while we are doing something, taking for granted that it’s ok. But if you didn’t train your posture and movements before you’ll often find yourself in very unfavorable postures and movements. So the first step is to examine your postures and movements or “physical attitudes” often, even permanently.

Step two: adjust your postures and movements. Keep your head up and your shoulders back. Your eyes must look forward or in the eyes of your interlocutor, but friendly. Your breath must be deep and slow. Speak calmly and thoughtfully. Have a firm walk and handshake. Always have a smile on your lips.