How Can Thinking About Happiness Help You Live Happy

Thinking about happiness (including reading, conversations, meditations) can help you to live happy because it: 1) make you become aware about some facts and factors related to happiness; 2) help you find causes and sources of unhappiness and happiness; 3) help you understand the mechanics of happiness; 4) show you ways to solve problems that make you unhappy; 5) help you apply principles of happiness in your daily life.

To live happy you, I and all people have to understand and apply the following principles:

  • Happiness isn’t a destination but a state of mind or mood that flow through you while you are doing something, while you are on the path. Happiness is most related to doing and less to having and being.
  • Desire makes the difference and determines your happiness or unhappiness. If you want something that you don’t have you will enjoy that for a while, but then you will want something else and so on. When you cultivate desires that come from a lack you can’t be happy. If you want to be happy you have to wish what you have, what you are being and what you are doing, but not want what you don’t have, what you aren’t being or what you aren’t doing. This mean to enjoy and wish to walk while you are walking, wish to eat what you are eating, wish to work while you are working, wish to drive while you are driving, etc. We have to understand that there is an irreducible distance between desire and our possibilities to fulfill it, between desire and reality; we always wish something more than we can get. So dissatisfaction is always there.
  • Happiness doesn’t mean possessions (money, cars, houses) but moods (inner peace, joy, calm), and your moods are mostly related to your actions.
  • Even if it is against the common sense, hope may bring you fear, because whenever you hope something there is the fear that it may not become true, real. I’m happy not when I hope to get more than usual, but when I enjoy what I have and what I’m doing.
  • You have to love life as it is (with good and bad) and not only happiness or those good moments, and so you will learn to enjoy life.
  • Happiness happens when you feel that joy is immediately possible and real, when you see or project all around you the immediate possibility of joy, when you know how to enjoy what you are, what you have and what you are doing. HAPPINESS IS A LOT OF JOY!