Codependency Prevent Authentic Existence

Co-addiction or codependency is a concept that denotes the fact that some individuals become addicted to people, as well as to processes or substances. Talking about the addiction to people (not between partners), it is as frequent and important as the other kinds of addiction, but at the same time it is not considered as dangerous even if it is.

It is in human nature to live among people, to inter-communicate and exchange information, feelings, and ideas. The problem appears when this social need is exaggerated and we are developing a dependent behavior. So we found ourselves in the impossibility of doing anything without the presence of the person we are permanently looking for, we can’t live our life without including him/she in it.

This kind of behavior can turn out to be uncomfortable and overwhelming for the person we are dependent on and maybe it will be important to reflect on the cause of co-addiction. Generally most of the people are afraid of loneliness or spending their lives without friends and so they are ending up in the other extreme – too attached and dependent on someone else.

In time this addiction makes us weak, we can’t live and control our life because we don’t have one anymore. Our life is assimilated in other person’s life and we are living for him, his life and not our. As any addiction, this one could annihilate our spirit of survival and increase the tendency to sacrifice our life for that person.

It is normal to satisfy our primary need of being in others people’s company and attention but without slipping into extremes. Let’s keep a balance in our actions and behaviors by reminding ourselves that we have to live for us and not only for or through the others. – Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc