Take Advantage of Time in Daily Negotiation

We have to negotiate daily, because each contact between two or among more individuals imply negotiation. When you meet somebody, even if he is a stranger or an acquaintance, you have to negotiate at least your time with him (how much from your time to spend).

But, time is more important than that, in a negotiation process. Let’s say you are negotiating the price for something to buy. If you need badly NOW what you have to buy, then you aren’t in a favorite position. Even so, you can take advantage in this negotiation.

First of all, before you start negotiating with other part, think and evaluate how soon you need (not wish) that something. The latter the better, the sooner the worse! If you don’t need that now, you aren’t constraint to say yes to a price offer that isn’t good for you. Being aware of these things, you can negotiate at easy, and delay the decision to buy, if the price isn’t the right one for you.

The question is: What to do if you need that something now?. First, don’t show this! Your body, voice, attitude and content of your discourse must not show that you are so anxious to have that object, that you are ready to pay the first or second price offer.

Time is so important when we communicate and negotiate with others that I decided to make a motto of my life this statement: “Let me think first!”. Whenever someone asks me for something (my agreement, my opinion, my help, my resources or my money), I say: “Let me think first!”.

A good tip is to take at least 5 minutes to think, if the demand is a small one, at least one day, if it is an average one, and at least one week, if it is a big one (except when the decision have to be taken immediately).

When you communicate with someone, is also important to pay attention to his implicit, unspoken demands. When demands are explicit communicated, you may simply say: “Let me think first!”, but pay attention that in a conversation there are a lot of implicit demands, at which you may involuntarily say yes or no. And the answer may not be always the best for you.