Getting Organized – 3 Things to Consider

Stop Being Messy

The first thing to consider if you want to be organized is to get and keep your living and work space in order. There are at least three reasons for a clean and clear space: a) if things are in order they don’t distract your attention; b) you know where things are and don’t spend too much time when it comes to find them; c) external order determine your inner order.

Even so, be aware not to fall in the other extreme: obsessive-compulsive behavior of ordering things in such a way that you never end to finish it. The tendency to be perfect makes you loose a lot of time and energy.

Stop Being Late

Another thing that bother our and others lives is the bad habit of postponing our leaving for an meeting until there remain exactly the very minutes to arrive there. But we usually don’t take into account that on the way can appear more obstacles than we thought. Even if we arrived on time due to our rush, we are almost exhausted, messy and sweaty.

The best way to deal with this problem is to leave with at least 15 minutes earlier for everywhere you have to arrive. The reason we usually don’t take this advice is the prejudice that we loose this time. Being too early where we want to arrive seems for us as a bad management of time. But it isn’t so at all, because we can use even this time, if we want.

Finish What You Start

Reasons to do so:
1. Completion of what you started gives you a sense of self-efficacy, while not completing the whole endeavour leaves you with a sorrow taste.
2. It’s the best way to be productive and it’s the sure way to deliver your projects on time and on budget;
3. It disburdens you of the return to some unpleasant tasks;

Of course there are projects and tasks that you started but on the way you realize that they don’t worth your time and effort. So it’s a wise thing to quit a no more meaningful project, even if you don’t finish what you started. Don’t spend your time and energy on worthless things just by the sake of finishing what you started ( it can be an exercise to establish the habit of finishing what you started, but only in the situation when you don’t spend too much energy and time).