Awaken Your Warrior Spirit

Many times we quit or don’t face at all many “hard” situations simply because our warrior spirit isn’t live any more. In our contemporary society we humans (especially men) are in danger to loose our warrior spirit. A cause of this situation is that in our contemporary society the comfort is the most valued dimension of our lives. This happens in detriment of such dimensions as honor and effort.

To be clearer what I mean here by “warrior spirit” let’s take this distinction: aggressive – assertive – passive. The warrior spirit isn’t a very aggressive spirit but rather an assertive one. Our domestic life tends to mould us into docile and conformist individuals. In this way we are in danger to loose our instinct and ability to fight with and in adverse situations.

I rediscovered my warrior spirit at its full potential these days when a few dogs attacked me on the street. I observed that after this incident my attitudes towards others were more assertive than usual. Then I realized that our warrior spirit lives at different levels within us and that we can influence it a lot through our choices, thoughts and practices.

The best way to rediscover and awaken your warrior spirit is to practice a sport, especially sports that put your body at work. Fight sports even create and simulate those hard conditions in which our ancestors were forced to fight to survive. These hard conditions were the ideal conditions to make the warrior spirit live at its full potential.