Happiness – 50% genetics, 10% circumstances, 40% intentional activity

According to some studies our happiness level depend 50% on our genetics, 10% on circumstances and 40% on our intentional activities.

Each of us is born with a pre-disposition to a certain level of happiness. This may be called the genetic set point, the level or point at which the happy state tends to stabilize, indifferent of what happen to us or we do. This pre-disposition is determined by characteristics inherited from our parents, especially temperamental and affective traits.

Life circumstances that influence our happiness level are: personal experiences, occupation, health, income, religious beliefs, marital status, age, gender, geographic factors.

Intentional activities which are responsible for 40% of our happiness level mean those cognitive, behavioral and volitional activities which we choose to do. They require effort.

Question: What can we change in order to boost our happiness level?

Can we change our genetic set point? It’s obvious that not … yet. Even life circumstances are beyond our power and control. But the intentional activity is the segment where we can make a big difference for our happiness level.

Intentional activities imply our own intention to manifest them and our own intention is full in our control, even if it may be manipulated by background beliefs, practices and social conditioning.

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